The "search" Filters

The search filter(s) are similar to the like filters such that it allows you to filter comments based on some text input. However, the search filter will perform a full-text, fuzzy search (without wildcards) across multiple comment properties.

#The search:terms Filter

The search:terms filter allows you to perform full-text, fuzzy searches for text across multiple comment properties. It accepts the search terms as its own argument. The following example would return only comments that have properties that contain the panel search terms:

1{{ meerkat:responses filter="search:terms(panel)" }}
3 {{ comments }}
4 <!-- Render your comment thread here. -->
5 {{ /comments }}
7{{ /meerkat:responses }}

The full-text and fuzzy search engines are definitely a work in progress, and will be improved over time. The current search implementation is an implementation of the Bitap algorithm. The ability to provide custom search engines will come in a future version.

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