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5 min John Koster - 2 weeks ago

Building a Simple Statamic Request Addon

In this tutorial we will look at building a really simple Statamic addon. The addon we will build will let us determine if the incoming web request to our site has a specific query parameter; this will allow us to have greater control in the way our...

5 min - September 24

Image Resources for Applications and Blogs

A common problem faced by blog authors, site hobbysist, start-ups, etc. is sourcing high-quality images wihtout breaking the bank. Believe it or not, there are many resources available online that make amazing images available at no cost for both...

1 min John Koster - July 23

Announcing Meerkat: A Comment System for Statamic

After months of silence and even many more months of hard word, I am happy to announce that Meerkat, a full-feature flat-file comment system for Meerkat, is finally available for everyone! How To Get It You can get Meerkat by creating an account...

9 min John Koster - July 23


This is a blog post that I thought I was going to write about ten months ago; this is captured in the following public post I made on Twitter: Well that's almost embarassing! Even with the fact that it took me about two months to start working on...

12 min John Koster - July 23

The Statamic Add-on Roundup

I was asked on Twitter about the custom Statamic add-ons that power the Stillat site; here we go! I will discuss the reason for each add-on at a high level, even if they are incredibly site-specific (I am including all of them for transparency). In...

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