Powerful Tools for Statamic Developers

Working with Antlers templates? Enjoy syntax highlighting, code suggestions, auto-completions, project data discovery, automated formatting, code linting and runtime error reporting? You've come to the right place.

Antlers Partial Suggestions

More than a Syntax Highlighter

The Antlers Toolbox is alive. It learns your site and provides contextual suggestions throughout your project. Spend less time jumping back and forth between the Control Panel and focus on building templates that would make your mom proud.

Show me the options! Get contextual autosuggestions based on your site's actual collections, globals, fields, and templates.

Blueprint Field Autosuggestions

Who needs the docs? Get Tag & Modifier suggestions and see contextually available parameters all without ever leaving VSCode.

Modifier Autosuggestions

Prettify that code. Automatically. Format your templates automatically and enjoy clean, standardized HTML & Antlers Tag indentation and code wrapping.

Template Before Formatting Template After Formatting

On the fly validation. Get suggestions and documentation for Tag parameters and validate your input types all while you type.

Parameter Input Validation

Jump right into those partials.. Your partial templates are never further than an alt+click away.

Link to Partial Partial after Visiting Link

Developers Speak Their Mind

Every 9 seconds* a developer switches to VS Code just to take advantage of the Antlers Toolbox and fundamentally improve their Statamic project workflow. *Give or take a few.

“It's everything I always knew I always wanted in an Antlers IDE package. Install it now.”

– Jack McDade, Creator of Statamic

“It's invaluable. It's not just the syntax highlighting it's knowledge of my own fields, blueprints, and templates sliding in my code like a good DM.”

– Rob De Kort, Creator of Peak

“This is the way.”

– Mando, Bounty Hunter

“I switched from PHPStorm to VSCode just so I could have this. If you aren't using it, what the heck are you doing with your life?”

– NCLA, Web Developer

“It Just Works™”

– Lokman Musliu, Owner/Developer at LuckyMedia
The Stag

Don't Code Alone.

Take the Antlers Toolbox with you.

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