Antlers Toolbox

Antlers Toolbox

Getting Started


To install the extension on your local machine, simply open Visual Studio Code and search for "Antlers Toolbox" in the Extensions panel. Once you find it, click "Install".

The extension will automatically activate the next time you open an Antlers HTML file.

You can view the extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace at

#Reloading Project Details

If you have made significant changes to your project's blueprints, globals, etc. and have Visual Studio Code open to just the resources/ directory, you may want to force the extension to reload your project's details. This can be done from Visual Studio Code's Command Palette and searching for "Antlers: Reload Statamic Project Details".

#Reporting Issues

If you come across an issue, or have a suggestion to improve Antlers Toolbox, feel free to create an issue on the project's GitHub repository here:

If you are looking to report a security vulnerability, please do not create an issue on the GitHub repository.

To report sensitive issues or a security vulnerability please email with the relevant details.

Emails requesting information on bounties, etc. will not be responded to.

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