Hi, my name is John Koster

A software developer with an above-average caffeine addiction

Hello there, my name is John (short for Johnathon) Koster; I am a husband, father, software developer and freelance writer. I have been working with programming languages and software engineering projects for over ten years and have worked with the .NET Framework, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, as well as many other languages and platforms. As of late, most of my work has been tackled using PHP and the Laravel framework or C# and the .NET framework (as for Linux vs. Windows servers - if it runs, we can get something to run on it; no real preference either way).

When I am not working on a software project you can often find with my wife and kids, reading up on interesting new things or working on a new development or writing side project. My interests are varied, and include mathematics, the sciences, psychology and business.

I make most of my written work available on this website, so take a look around and I look forward to hearing from you.

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