John Koster

John Koster

My name is John, and I have over fifteen years of professional software development. I've worked on a wide range of projects over the years, from simple websites and critical government reporting applications all the way to high-performance telematics solutions. During my downtime, I enjoy working on open-source projects, writing posts on my blog, and contributing to the Laravel and Statamic ecosystems.

I started over a decade ago as place to share things I find interesting, or to host random side projects as I create them. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Advanced PHP Strings The Laravel Companion
The Laravel Companion Second Edition

Blogging and Self-Publishing

I enjoy writing, and over the years I have published over 600 free articles on the blog and have self-published four books on Leanpub.

Some of my favorite things

Over the years, I have grown to love many remarkable frameworks, platforms, and products. Some of my all time favorites include Laravel, Statamic, Tailwind CSS, GitHub, and of course, PHP.

Tailwind CSS
Antlers Toolbox

Antlers Toolbox

I created Antlers Toolbox to provide rich syntax highlighting and intelligent code suggestions for the Antlers templating language. Antlers Toolbox is a Visual Studio Code extension that helps to accelerate Statamic website development.

Tech & Things: TypeScript, VS Code, Language Server Protocol (LSP), Language Parsing, Regular Expressions

Blade Parser TypeScript

I developed the Blade Parser TypeScript library to make it easier to parse Laravel Blade templates from JavaScript and TypeScript projects. It is being used to power the prettier-plugin-blade Prettier plugin.

Tech & Things: TypeScript, Language Parsing, Prettier, Code Formatting

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Antlers Runtime

Over the course of a few years of research and development, I worked on rewriting the Antlers templating language from the ground up. Work included improving developer experience, adding new features and capabilities, resolving historical bugs and issues, and a lot more!

Tech & Things: PHP, Language Design & Parsing, Execution Environments and Runtimes, Statamic

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Proteus is a Laravel package that makes it simple to read, write, and modify Laravel configuration files from your application code. This library can preserve existing code formatting and style in the vast majority of cases, even when inserting new elements.

Tech & Things: PHP, Language Parsing, Static Analysis, Code Formatting

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Primitives is a PHP library that safely parses input strings into native PHP types (string, bool, arrays, etc.) and can optionally be configured with a sandbox for method evaluation.

Tech & Things: PHP, Code Parsing, Execution Environments and Runtimes

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