About Stillat.com

Stillat.com started in late 2012 as a place to host random side projects and services. In October of 2013, the site was refocused on writing and sharing interesting things about PHP, and programming in general, a focus that continues to this day. Over the years various writing projects were attempted; some were abandoned, some never saw the light of day, and a small minority were released to the public on this site, and other publishing platforms.

A strategy has been created to simplify site management, and allow for the continued writing and publication of content throughout 2021 and beyond. While it is fun to revisit the past every now and than, exciting times are ahead :)

  • Stillat.com Migrates to Statamic 3

    The Stillat.com website migrates to Statamic 3, as well as re-emphasizing the focus on past content, and creating the foundation for even better articles and writing projects in the future. The Site also goes privacy-first with Fathom analytics, and Meerkat 2—both of which allow for reduction in what personal data is gathered and stored about site visitors.

  • Meerkat 2 for Statamic 3 Open Beta Begins

    Meerkat 2 for Statamic 3 is released for the first time as an open beta to the public. Meerkat 2 is content-compatible with Meerkat 1, and provided a key piece of functionality for the Site to migrate to Statamic 3 at a future date.

  • A Wild Meerkat Appears

    The first version of Meerkat was released for Statamic 2. It provided the foundation for many great iterations to come, but lacked many things users love today, such as bulk comment operations and a comprehensive spam guard API.

  • Site Transitions to Statamic 2

    The Stillat.com transitions from WordPress to Statamic 2. This migration involved the development of various new packages and add-ons to super-charge a Statamic 2 installation, including a way to migrate WordPress comments to a Statamic site.

  • An Ambitious Laravel Side Project Begins

    July of 2014 marks the start of an ambition project to document less-known Laravel 5 features, and create a reference guide for the most commonly used features. All of these articles are free on this site, and are published as a collection: The Laravel Companion.

  • Focus From Self-Hosted Projects to Writing

    The spiritual "birthday" of Stillat.com. October 10th, 2013 marks the shift to to writing about various development topics, with a focus on PHP development and the Laravel framework.

  • Stillat.com Starts

    Stillat.com starts as a domain to host random side-projects, mainly focused around real-time communications protocols and networked applications.