User and Visitor Data Privacy

Meerkat allows site administrators to collect less data about their visitors, and make it easier than ever to comply with local laws, customs, and be completely transparent with their users.

Meerkat allows you to make visitor names and email addresses completely optional. View the Configuring the Blueprint guide to learn more.

#Disabling Submission Data Collection

Site administrators can now disable any of the following (Meerkat's internal features will adapt to these values not being available):

  • Browser User Agent
  • User IP Address
  • HTTP Referrer Header

These settings can be disabled from the Statamic Control Panel by selecting "Meerkat" from the "Tools" category. These settings are visible under the "User Privacy" tab:

Meerkat User Privacy Tab

Some spam guards may utilize these values (such as the Akismet spam service) to help improve spam detection accuracy. Meerkat will continue to function even if all values are disabled.

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