Disabled Comments

Since it is possible for Meerkat to disable new comment submissions for any given post on your site, it might be a good idea to have your template adapt and display a message to visitors.

By default, Meerkat does not close comment threads automatically. Learn how to adjust this in the Configuration Overview article.

#Checking if Comments are Disabled

It is relatively simple to check if new comment submissions are disabled for the current post using the {{ meerkat:comments_enabled }} tag. This tag can be used inside of a conditional statement like so:

1{{ if {meerkat:comments_enabled === true} }}
2 <!-- Display the comment form. -->
3{{ else }}
4 <p>New comment submissions have been disabled for this post.</p>
5{{ /if }}

That's all there is to updating your theme to display a message to visitor's that new comment submissions have been disabled. Meerkat will handle the rest in the background for you.

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