Control Panel Overview

The Statamic Control Panel is the recommended method for interacting with Meerkat comment data (but you are welcome to dig around the file system, if you wish).

Control Panel Overview

#Accessing Meerkat From the Menu

Meerkat can be accessed by selecting the "Comments" menu item from the navigation menu (your specific locale may change the text that appears):

The Meerkat Menu Option

#Navigating the Control Panel Interface

The Control Panel interface was designed to be simple to understand and navigate. The following are the key areas that users will interact with the most:

Figure Number Description
1 Displays all comments
2 Displays all new comments (not rejected or published)
3 Displays all comments marked spam
4 Displays all comments published to your site
5 Displays comment export options
6 Displays options to manage comment spam

The Control Panel Interface

Note: The spam check option should return immediately; and will continue to run in the background. Your Control Panel may be updated automatically once the task is complete.

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