Configuration Overview

Configuration is currently handled via PHP configuration values. Once Meerkat has been installed in your Statamic site, a meerkat directory will created within your site's config directory with all the relevant configuration files after the site has been reloaded at least once.

The following files will be created:

2├── meerkat
3| ├── akismet.php
4| ├── authors.php
5| ├── iplist.php
6| ├── permissions.php
7| ├── publishing.php
8| ├── search.php
9| ├── storage.php
10| ├── wordlist.php

Each item in the configuration files contains a brief explanation of what it does. Management of configuration in the Statamic Control Panel is not currently supported, but is on the roadmap for a future feature update.

#Configuring Akismet to Check for Spam

Meerkat ships with an Akismet integration by default. You may sign up for an Akismet account by visiting their site. Once you have obtained your API key and have set your home page in your Akismet account you will need to update the config/meerkat/akismet.php configuration file.

The following fields must be provided in order for the Akismet integration to function properly:

Configuration Value What to Enter
api_key Your Akismet API key.
front_page The home page/domain of your site.

Unless you have made significant changes to the default Meerkat blueprint, you can safely ignore the Akismet fields configuration section.

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