Product Data Privacy

We feel strongly that website owners and businesses should own and protect the data they store about their customers and visitors - including user engagement data.

#No "Phone Home" Requests

Meerkat does not initiate any "phone-home" requests.

#Third-Party Data Sharing

By default, Meerkat does not share any information via. third-party API calls. Some features, such as the Akismet spam guard, do require the submission of data to third-parties via. API requests. These features are disabled by default and are opt-in.

For these types of features, site administrators can further limit what data and API requests are made beyond the bare minimum to enable the feature.

#Limiting Visitor Data Collection

Meerkat allows site administrators to easily disable what additional data your site collects about visitors when they submit a comment. These settings can be adjusted in the Control Panel. View the User and Visitor Data Privacy article to learn more.

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