Installation and Upgrade Guide

To install Meerkat into a Statamic 4 project using Composer, simply run the following command at the root of your project:

1composer require stillat/meerkat

#Upgrading to Meerkat 3

Upgrading your site from Meerkat 2 to Meerkat 3 should be relatively painless for most sites. However, please note the following major changes and considerations:

  • The Antlers Regex (legacy) engine is no longer supported by Meerkat,
  • If your site design utilizes recursive comments please make sure to run at least Statamic 4.13.0, which adds Antlers support for arbitrary recursive arrays.
  • The RecursiveThreadRenderer from Meerkat 1 and 2 have been removed in favor of Antlers Runtime features,
  • Internal telemetry and error reporting features have been completely removed in favor of GitHub issues
  • Threads will no longer be automatically created when a visitor views a page with the {{ meerkat:responses }} tag (they will be created if they submit a comment)

There have been no changes to the data structure, and your existing comment data can be migrated as-is. Minimal UI changes have been made to reduce friction.

#Double Check Your Installation

The following directories should have been created automatically for you during the installation:

2├── meerkat/
4├── comments/
6├── meerkat/
7| ├── index/
8| ├── logs/
9| ├── tasks/
10| ├── tmp/

Meerkat also creates a new blueprint for you automatically at /resources/blueprints/meerkat.yaml; this should appear automatically for you in the Control Panel when navigating to Fields > Blueprints. It will appear in the "Other" table (or whatever table appears last on that page).

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