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Simple and Easy Comments for Statamic

Did you know? The meerkat is a very social animal found in South Africa. Since comments are typically found at the bottom of a site, and are social in nature, Meerkat was a natural naming choice!

You will love Meerkat, just check out the documentation!

No Database Here

Meerkat is a fully-featured, flat-file comment system built from the ground up for Statamic. Version control your content and your comments.

Ridiculously Easy Installation

Simply copy the Meerkat folder into your site's addon folder and refresh your addons from the Statamic Control Panel; that's it, you're all done! How about that?

Built for You and Your Site

Meerkat was obsessively engineered to not only match the user experience of the Statamic Control Panel, it was also engineered to take advantage of many of the awesome Statamic features you've grown to love.

Obsessively engineered to increase the level of awesome on your website.

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