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Simple and Easy Comments for Statamic

Did you know? The meerkat is a very social animal found in South Africa. Since comments are typically found at the bottom of a site, and are social in nature, Meerkat was a natural naming choice!

You will love Meerkat, just check out the documentation!

Ridiculously Integrated

Meerkat was built from the ground up to fully integrate itself with the Statamic Control Panel; feel comfortable that your clients can manage their comments with a familiar user experience.

Prefer managing Statamic content from the file system? Yep. You can do that with your comments, too

Get Started Fast

It's very easy to get started with Meerkat. Every feature is thoroughly documented so you will always have a place to turn if you need help.

On top of that, you also have access to Tanager, a free Meerkat-enabled Statamic theme.

No Limitations

Meerkat does not impose any defined structure on your markup; with the API there really is no limit to what you can build with Meerkat.

Need a simple comment system? Meerkat is perfect for that.

Looking to build a forum or integrated chat system? Yep, Meerkat can do that too.

Thought of something else really cool? Meerkat can probably do that, too!

Obsessively engineered to increase the level of awesome of your website.

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