Tidal Starter Kit

Tidal Starter Kit

RSS and Atom Feeds

Tidal integrates the fantastic Feedamic add-on, created by Mity Digital, to create and manage RSS and Atom feeds.

The best way to get caught up on how to work with Feedamic is to read the official documentation. The Feedamic configuration file has already been published to config/feedamic.php.

#Adding Collections to Feeds

The documentation collection has already been added to the default RSS/Atom feed. To add additional collections, update the config/feedamic.php configuration file and add the desired collections to the collections array:

In config/feedamic.php

3return [
4 // ...
5 'feeds' => [
6 'documentation' => [
7 'title' => config(''),
8 'description' => '',
9 'routes' => [
10 'atom' => '/feed/atom',
11 'rss' => '/feed',
12 ],
13 'alt_url' => '',
14 'collections' => [
15 'documentation',
16 // Add additional collections here.
17 ],
18 'taxonomies' => [],
19 ],
20 ],

#Specifying Feed Images

Feedamic supports adding an asset image to the generated RSS/Atom feeds. Instead of adding a new field to manage this, Tidal can use one of the social media images it generated.

You may specify which social media image you'd like to utilize by changing the feed_profile value within the config/social_media_image_kit/images.php configuration file:

In config/social_media_image_kit/images.php

3return [
5 'feed_image' => 'twitter',
7 // ...

#Updating Feedamic Configuration Values

If you are making changes to your Feedamic configuration and are not seeing your changes reflected, you may need to clear your site's application cache. This can be done by running the following command from the root of your project:

1php artisan cache:clear

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