Tidal Starter Kit

Tidal Starter Kit


Tidal will automatically insert permalink links for headings within your content. This is done for pages authored using the "Documentation (Markdown)" and "Documentation (Page Builder)" blueprints.

The links created for headings within your content are used by Tidal in the following ways:

  • Dynamically create the "On this page" list that appears in the top-right,

  • Split larger documents into smaller pages for search results

Tidal makes use of the Bard Heading Permalinks for Statamic addon to automatically create permalinks within Bard content using Statamic's markdown configuration.

#Configuring Permalinks

When creating or rendering permalinks, Tidal will use the configuration options present within the config/statamic/markdown.php file (note: this file is also used when creating permalinks from Bard content).

By default, Tidal's permalink configuration looks like this:

3return [
5 // ...
7 'configs' => [
9 'default' => [
10 'heading_permalink' => [
11 'aria_hidden' => true,
12 'html_class' => 'heading-permalink print:hidden',
13 'id_prefix' => 'content',
14 'symbol' => '#',
15 'insert' => 'before',
16 'title' => 'Link to this section',
17 ],
18 ],
20 ],

#Styling Permalinks

You may change the style of permalinks by modifying the resources/css/site.css file. Remember to rebuild the front-end assets afterwards.

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