Tidal Starter Kit

Tidal Starter Kit

Installation and Upgrading

Tidal is distributed as a Statamic Starter Kit. Because of this, Tidal has a slightly different installation process compared to installing other addons or composer packages.

#System and Software Requirements

Tidal makes use of the following PHP (and related) dependencies:

The following additional PHP extensions are required to use Tidal:

  • ext-dom

  • ext-mbstring

  • ext-libxml

The Tidal starter kit was developed with the latest version of Statamic 4 and Laravel 10.

In addition to the PHP dependencies, Tidal makes use of Node.js, npm, Vite, Alpine.js, and Tailwind CSS for the front-end assets.

#Installing Using the Command Line

To install Tidal using Statamic's command line utility, you may run the following command:

Tidal Multisite

Important: If you are looking to use Tidal with Statamic's multi-site feature replace stillat/tidal with stillat/tidal-multisite below.

1statamic new my-site stillat/tidal

If you are looking to install Tidal into an existing project, you can instead use:

1php please starter-kit:install stillat/tidal

#Setting up the Database

Some Tidal features, such as search logging and social media image generation queues will require a database to be setup and configured.

If you are not already running a database, or want just want a simple way to get started using these features, the simplest way to get up and running is to use SQLite. To do so, update your .env file's DB_CONNECTION value to sqlite and your DB_DATABASE configuration value to the full path of the SQLite database file you want to use.

A simple example might look something like the following:


For more information about configuring SQLite consider reading the official Laravel documentation.

#Upgrading Tidal

Because Tidal is distributed as a starter kit there is no automated upgrade process. If new versions of Tidal release improvements or features you'd like to use, you will need to copy/modify the relevant files.

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