Site Essentials for Statamic

Site Essentials for Statamic

Introduction & Installation

Site Essentials for Statamic is a Statamic addon that provides many different features, each targeted at simplifying an aspect of creating Statamic websites. Site Essentials for Statamic ships with the following features out of the box:

  • Favicon Generation: Provides features to assist with generating favicons, based on customizable sizes and additional metadata for a single site.

  • Web Manifest Management and Generation: Provides a simple way to manage and create web manifest files for a site. This feature can integrate with the favicon generation feature.

  • Metadata Management: Provides a robust metadata management system, capable of creating a wide arrange of metadata tags from titles, descriptions, Open Graph, to X/Twitter.

  • Antlers Tags and Modifiers: Site Essentials for Statamic provides a collection of Antlers tags and modifiers to help simplify various aspects of site development, from easily retrieving alternate locals for the current entry to advanced template content management.


Site Essentials for Statamic may be installed using composer by running the following command from the root of your project:

1composer require stillat/statamic-site-essentials

If you plan on using the favicon generation feature and the default ImageMagick driver, you must ensure that your site's environment has the ImageMagick PHP extension installed, enabled and running correctly.

Due to the variability of system configurations, no support is provided in helping to install and configure this extension. For more information about the ImageMagick extension, please consult the documentation at

#Publishing Configuration Files

After installation, you may wish to publish the configuration files. This can be done by running the following command from the root of your project:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=statamic-site-essentials-config

This command will publish many configuration files to your project's config/site_essentials folder. If you do not plan on customizing the config/site_essentials/templating.php configuration file, you should remove it from your project in order to automatically receive future tag and modifier updates.

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