Site Essentials for Statamic

Site Essentials for Statamic

Antlers Modifiers

Site Essentials for Statamic provides various types of modifiers to help in a wide variety of situations when developing Statamic websites.

  • se_each Modifier

    The se_each modifier can be used to render another template for each item within an array. The rendered template will receive the full context scope at the time the modifier was invoked, as well as the data from the item being iterated.

  • se_is_set_type

    The se_is_set_type modifier is a utility modifier that can be used to easily check if a Bard or replicator field contains a specific set at some arbitrary position. As an example, this modifier can be used to simplify template code to dynamically alter visual elements based on which set type appears first.

  • se_cm_to_hljs Modifier

    The se_cm_to_hljs modifier can be used to convert a Code Mirror language identifier to a Highlight.js language identifier. The target scenario is using Statamic's Code fieldtype in the Control Panel, and using Highlight.js to provide syntax highlighting on the front-end.

  • se_radius_excerpt Modifier

    The se_radius_excerpt modifier may be used to create an excerpt of the provided text. It will attempt to include the text on either side of the search string, up to a certain character count or radius.

  • se_str_finish Modifier

    The se_str_finish modifier may be used to ensure a given string always ends with a provided end cap.

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