Site Essentials for Statamic

Site Essentials for Statamic

Antlers Tags

Site Essentials for Statamic provides different tags, each designed to help simplify some aspect of site development. Some tags are a bit obscure, but some are generally applicable to many types of projects.

  • se_capture Tag

    The se_capture tag can be used to store the results of a template section, and output it later as a string. This is particularly helpful if you want to reuse the results of a partial, or navigation menu in multiple places without having to render the template code twice.

  • se_current_view Tag

    The se_current_view tag provides various utilities to retrieve information about the view currently being rendered.

  • se_deferred Tag

    The se_deferred tag can be used to delay the rendering of template sections until right before the response is sent to the client. Deferred sections of the template will maintain the scope they had at the time.

  • se_exception Tag

    The se_exception tag can be used to raise an exception with a template; the target use-case is testing 500 server error pages.

  • se_random_id Tag

    The se_random_id tag can be used to generate a random string suitable for HTML element IDs.

  • se_view Tag

    The se_view tag provides a few utilities to help implement more complicated logic within your site's templates, such as checking if a partial or view has already been rendered.

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