Site Essentials for Statamic

Site Essentials for Statamic

Configuration Overview

Site Essentials for Statamic provides many configuration files, each focusing on a specific subset of features. If you have not yet published the configuration files, you can do so by running the following command from the root of your project:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag=statamic-site-essentials-config

This command will publish the following configuration files to your site's config/site_essentials folder:

  • webmanifest.php: Provides numerous configuration options for managing the details of your site's site.webmanifest file, such as name, theme colors, etc.

  • favicons.php: Contains configuration options for managing the sizes of generated favicons, as well as other options to change the driver, storage locations, etc.

  • templating.php: Provides an opportunity to control which Antlers tags and modifiers are available to your project. If you do not plan on modifying this file you should remove it from your project in order to automatically have future tags and modifiers registered.

  • metadata_rules.php: Provides rules for removing duplicate metadata tags when using the {{ se_meta /}} Antlers tag.

  • metadata.php: Allows you to manage configuration values for some metadata providers, such as X/Twitter site and creator information.

#Templating Configuration

Site Essentials for Statamic contains a wide variety of Antlers tags and modifiers. Each tag and modifier is prefixed with se_ to help prevent the chance of a name collision. However, if you'd like to opt-out of any provided tag or modifier you can do so by updating your site's config/site_essentials/templating.php configuration file.

3return [
5 /*
6 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
7 | Site Essentials Tags
8 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
9 |
10 | Specifies which Site Essentials tags are to be loaded.
11 |
12 */
14 'tags' => [
15 \Stillat\StatamicSiteEssentials\Tags\TemplateManagement\SeCapture::class,
16 \Stillat\StatamicSiteEssentials\Tags\SeRandomId::class,
17 \Stillat\StatamicSiteEssentials\Tags\Metadata\SeMeta::class,
19 // ...
20 ],
22 // ...

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