Laravel MessageBag Public API: jsonSerialize

November 29, 2016 —John Koster

The jsonSeralize method internally returns the value of the toArray method. This method exists to implement PHP's JsonSerializable interface, which allows developers to customize how a class is represented when using the json_encode function.

3use Illuminate\Support\Collection;
5// Create a new collection.
6$collection = new Collection([
7 'first', 'second', 'third'
10// Get the value that should be encoded with
11// json_encode.
12$value = $collection->jsonSerialize();

The $value variable would contain a value similar to the following output:

1array (size=3)
2 0 => string 'first' (length=5)
3 1 => string 'second' (length=6)
4 2 => string 'third' (length=5)

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