Laravel 4: Default Events

March 25, 2014 —John Koster

Laravel 4 provides a few events that are fired throughout your applications life cycle. This should just serve as a quick reference if you need to find where an event is called or what events are available.

Event File
auth.attempt /Illuminate/Auth/Guard.php
auth.login /Illuminate/Auth/Guard.php
auth.logout /Illuminate/Auth/Guard.php
illuminate.query /Illuminate/Database/Connection.php
illuminate.query.failed /Illuminate/Queue/Worker.php
illuminate.log /Illuminate/Log/Writer.php
router.matched /Illuminate/Routing/Router.php
composing: {view name} /Illuminate/View/Environment.php
creating: {view name} /Illuminate/View/Environment.php
artisan.start /Illuminate/Console/Application.php
locale.changed /Illuminate/Foundation/Application.php /Illuminate/Foundation/Application.php

In the above table, {view name} will become the name of the view you are looking for. For example, if you had a view named hello, you would use listed for the event composing: hello.

This page will be updated with additional information about each event, and other events that may be available.

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