Checking if a String Starts With a Particular Value in Laravel - Laravel 5.5 String Helper Method startsWith

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startsWith does the opposite of ends_with, and has the same rules of use. Instead of checking if a given $haystack ends with any of the supplied $needles, startsWith checks if a given $haystack starts with any of the $needles.


The signature of the startsWith method is:

1public static function startsWith(
2 $haystack,
3 $needles
4 );

Example Use

1use Illuminate\Support\Str;
3// true
4Str::startsWith('A simple sentence.', 'A');
6// false
7Str::startsWith('No punctuation here', '.');
9// false
10Str::startsWith('Case matters', 'c');
12// true
13Str::startsWith('CASE STILL MATTERS', 'C');

Global starts_with Helper Function

The starts_with function is a shortcut to calling Str::startsWith. This function is declared in the global namespace.

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