Laravel 5 Collections: Filtering Collection Elements Using Strict Comparison Operators With whereStrict

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The whereStrict method is similar to the where method, but it will always use strict comparisons when determining the results to return.


1public function whereStrict(
2 $key,
3 $value

Example Use

The $sampleCollection collection instance will be used in the following examples:

1$sampleCollection = collect([
2 [
3 'name' => 'Desk',
4 'price' => 499.99
5 ],
6 [
7 'name' => 'Office Chair',
8 'price' => '499.99'
9 ]

If you noticed, the first product (Desk) has its price specified as a float value, and the second product (Office Chair) has its specified as a string.

The following example are behaviorally equivalent:

1$products = $sampleCollection
2 ->where('price', '===', 499.99, true);
4$products = $sampleCollection
5 ->whereStrict('price', 499.99);

In both bases in the previous example, the $products collection would only contain the product Desk; this is because the whereStrict method (as well as the where method when the $operator is set to ===) will compare the types on both sides of the comparison operator.

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