Laravel 5 String Helpers: Generating Random Strings

Laravel 5 String Helpers: Generating Random Strings

Laravel 5

The random helper method generates a random string of the specified $length. This method internally uses the OpenSSL function openssl_random_pseudo_bytes, and therefore requires the OpenSSL extension to be installed and configured.


The signature of the random method is:

public static function random(
        $length = 16

Example Use

It should also be noted that the random method remove the following characters:



A RuntimeException will be thrown if a call is made to random without the OpenSSL extension installed.

The following examples show sample output. Because the intention of the random method is to generate a random string, any output you get will likely be different:

use Illuminate\Support\Str;

// XHJtXFOa5Jt8B48z
echo Str::random();

// z50fdgeBrmoJRBh7
echo Str::random();

// 2bXJNUcZVdtZfUUzbEgfvvaawOCfOgvK
echo Str::random(32);

Global str_random Helper Function

The str_random function is a shortcut to calling Str::random. This function is declared in the global namespace.

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