Announcement: All Of the Laravel Articles Are Free

July 22, 2017 —John Koster

Last year I took on an ambitious project titled "Laravel Artisan: An In Depth Coverage of Laravel Features". It was meant to be a comprehensive guide to the Laravel framework. At the point where it became obvious the plug had to be pulled on the project, it weighed in at around 506 pages.

Anyone who has ever written a book knows that writing is a lot of work. Not only was writing the book a lot of work (do note: I do not mind putting in a lot of hard work for a project) I also wanted to post various pieces of the book on the website at the time (this is a new version of the site you are reading this on - for more details on the motivation for the switch read the article Rebuilding Converting LeanPub flavored Markdown into a nice WordPress post simply became irritating after a certain point.

Interesting Fact: Because of the friction of converting LeanPub flavored Markdown into blog posts, a custom Markdown renderer was created just for this site allowing for the use of LeanPub information blocks!

Not only was the friction of converting the book into a blog posts becoming too much, I started to shift my focus into creating projects for my personal portfolio. Some of these projects might manifest as open-source projects, but they are your typical "cookie-cutter" portfolio projects. In addition to that, life gets busy, especially with full time work.

Because of all of the aforementioned reasons, when I decided to rebuild the site I took the time to convert all useful content from that book into blog posts and they are now available for free on the site.

To everyone who purchased "Laravel Artisan: An In Depth Coverage of Laravel Features": thank you; when I decide to return to that project, each section will be released as its own work; presented in a more "digestible" format; ultimately, this will lead to a more useful end product.

A great example of this is my second Laravel book Laravel Companion: A Guide to Helpers, Collections And More, which is also available for free (you can pay for it if you'd like to support the site, but it is not required; do keep in mind I have not had time to update it since around Laravel 5.2). You can find more information about the book here.

— John

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