A quick look into some past and current projects as well as some experiments!
Project Description Link
Collector An experimental utility to automatically remove the Illuminate Collection component from the Laravel code-base. View Project
Collector Output Tests Test results from the experimental Collector project.
Configurable Composer Manager for Statamic A replacement Composer manager for Statamic that can be configured.
Gazelle Gazelle makes it easy to determine if the client has JavaScript enabled from within a Statamic Antlers template. Private Development
LeanPub Sublime Text Snippets A collection of Sublime Text snippets for writing LeanPub books.
Linguistics Dictionaries for Adobe Brackets Spelling dictionaries for the Linquistics for Adobe Brackets project.
Linguistics for Adobe Brackets The Linguistics for Adobe Brackets extension adds spell checking capabilities to the Bracket's editor. View Project
Markdown Tools for Statamic A collection of advanced markdown features for building Statamic sites.
Math for Laravel 4 Calculation library for Laravel 4 that allows for the solving of arbitrary expressions.
Meerkat Meerkat is a full-featured, flat-file commenting system for Statamic. Meerkat
NewUP Generator NewUp is an experimental package generator written in PHP utilizing the Composer dependency manager, Twig templates and Laravel components.
NewUp Core NewUp Core is the underyling framework behind the experimental NewUp generator.
NewUp Playground The NewUp Playground contains examples of how to implement the NewUp generator for in various ways.
Statamic Route List Command Provides access to Laravel's `route:list` command from within the context of a Statamic site.

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