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5 min John Koster - November 6

October, 2017

October is usually a month where I tend to over-work when it comes to my blog, since it was October of 2012 when I officially started the site; this is usually fine. However, the October of 2017 was different when compared to the prior years. Not...

1 min John Koster - Jul 12, 2015

Sublime Text Snippets For LeanPub

Free collection of Sublime Text snippets for writing LeanPub books over at GitHub ...

4 min John Koster - Mar 29, 2015

Package Generator Ramblings About File Systems and File Names

I've been working on a side project for a while now ( - either by actually coding stuff or just thinking about things in the back of my mind. The point of the project is a generator for just about anything you could think of. One of the more...

1 min John Koster - Mar 27, 2015 Update on Package Generator

A while ago I wrote this post about creating a package generator in PHP. In that post I talked about a couple of different concepts, which I won't reiterate here. This post is just a small update that I have started work on the project, under the...

7 min John Koster - Jan 10, 2015

pagix: A PHP Package Generator Concept

While recently reading some threads on, I stumbled across this particular thread. Essentially, it is a rather short discussion on how, at the time of the threads creation, Laravel 5 seems to have removed its workbench feature. The...

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