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3 min John Koster - Jul 5, 2015

KeePass: Failed to Load the Specified File! Error Fix

I use KeePass to manage my personal passwords on my computer. I’ve used it without incident for quite a while, but that streak recently came to an end after having to completely reinstall Windows 8.1 after a hard drive failure (luckily I do manage...

1 min John Koster - Jul 5, 2015

Microsoft .NET Framework Download Locations

The following table is simply a list of the download locations for various versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Version Download Location 1.1 ...

3 min John Koster - Sep 4, 2014

Editing Large Files on Windows

I haven't had much of a chance to publish any articles or tutorials lately (I do have some awesome ones planned and in the furnace, though!). For this post I'd like to make note of the newest text editor to join my arsenal (Sublime Text and PHP...

2 min John Koster - Jul 28, 2014

MySQL: Root Element Is Missing (Windows 8.1)

The other day when I restarted my development machine I got a nice little surprise from MySQL Notifier. A charming error message appeared on the screen that said "High Severity Error: Root element is missing". Dismissing this error, another one took...

4 min John Koster - Mar 6, 2014

Modifying the Windows Hosts File

This post will explain how to modify the hosts file on a Windows machine (this post will work for Windows Vista and newer). There are a few different reasons you may need to modify the hosts file, and the most common reason I have seen so far is...

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