An Abhorrent Atrocity

An Abhorrent Atrocity


August 26th, 2018.

Response from @EAMaddenNFL

This was not the blog post that I was intending to publish today; the fact I will be postponing other posts for this one does not matter. What does matter is the fact that events like this continue to happen at a horrifying frequency.

Schools. Churches. Gaming Events. Anywhere else.

What is going on?

While I am a father, and would do anything for my kids, I cannot begin to imagine the immediate and endless pain, the sleepless nights, the mourning, the wondering; and the lifetime of wondering "why?" events like this cause.

I can stand on a hill and shout all of the right things all day long. I can Tweet, blog, publish, post, all of the right things. An army of a ten-thousand shouting the right things does not matter. So many lives have been lost across all of the shootings. Too many.

Any number of people shouting the right thing after-the-fact never matters.

It does not matter.

If you hold yourself on a pedastal because you shout the loudest and say the right things - it does not matter.

The fact, that even in my small community, that many of the locals have thoughts like "oh, just another shooting" is disgusting. That is a terrifying realization, and an alarming sign that events like this are occurring at a worrying frequency.

The fact, that in a small town, I pondered whether or not to purchase bullet-proof backpacks for my elementary school children is absurd. Correction: even if I lived in a larger city: any parent having to contemplate that decision indicates that there are major societal problems.

I can say nothing to ease the pain of the familes affected. I will not attempt to. I just ask all of the readers out there to keep the families and victims in their thoughts and prayers.

And for those readers out there that are contemplating on performing similar actions - you do not need to. There are many avenues you can take to get help; to talk; to release. Please.

And for everyone - regardless of your nationality, political party, religion, etc. Please keep the families and victims in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

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