Announcing Meerkat: A Comment System for Statamic

Announcing Meerkat: A Comment System for Statamic


After months of silence and even many more months of hard word, I am happy to announce that Meerkat, a full-feature flat-file comment system for Meerkat, is finally available for everyone!

How To Get It

You can get Meerkat by creating an account here. You are free to trial Meerkat and develop your site for as long as you'd like. However, if you want to use Meerkat on a live site you will have to purchase a license for that site (don't worry - its reasonably priced at $59.99 USD!).

I Want To Learn More

You can learn a lot about Meerkat by reading through the official documentation. Take your time, reading through the docs will pay off in the long run :)

What If I Have Problems?

No worries! Simply file an issue here:

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